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  1. [For Sale]High Quality Affordable Templates!

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to let all the users on webhostingtalk know about the templates I have for auction. The bidding on all templates ends on the 21st of December so get them quick!

    The Auction

    What I have for sale is 5 High quality custom templates, all made by myself. These designs have never been sold before and when purchased will never be sold again. All payments will be made via paypal or money order.

    Note: All templates can be modified to fit any type of website for an extra $50 Dollars, This will also include a free logo design for your website!

    All templates include all psd. Files

    Contact Information:
    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]

    Bidding on all items end December 21st,
    Happy Bidding

    Music Template: NO BIDS
    Bidding Starts at: $30
    BIN: $125

    Corporate Buisness Template
    : NO BIDS
    Bidding Starts at: $30
    BIN: $100

    Webdesign Template
    Bidding Starts at: $30
    BIN: $125

    Incomplete Forum Skin: $10 USD BID AT TALKFREELANCE
    Bidding Starts at: $10
    BIN: $50

    Hosting Template: $30 USD BID AT SITEPOINT
    Bidding Starts at: $30
    BIN: $100

    Happy Holidays Everyone

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    Could you post or pm me a bigger screenshot of :

    Hosting Template: $30 USD BID AT SITEPOINT
    Bidding Starts at: $30
    BIN: $100


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    holly molly, let me break out my magnified glasses.

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    Just remove the '.th' from the URL and you'll see the full size

    Edit: Forgot to mention - I like the web design one. Good job
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  5. Thanks for all the nice comments, and yes sorry for that mistake Im going to fix the links now

  6. All bidding ends tomorrow at 12:00 pm eastern time so get your bids in quick!

  7. [$30 Bid on Corporate Buisness Template at Yaxay]

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    any bids on the hosting?

  9. yes a $30 bid on the hosting one

  10. Just a reminder all bidding ends 12pm eastern time tonight so if you are looking to place a bid just get it in before then.

    Thanks everyone

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