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    CSS Experts.. Please take a look

    Hi guys I'm having a problem getting this menu text to vertically align correctly in IE on windows. The text is hitting the top line. I just can't seem to get it.. Please take a look and let me know what changes you made to make it work if you get it..

    Thanks guys
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    I think "vertical-align" is only intended for images, not text.
    Try this:
    Remove that style from ".mainmenu" and add
    .mainmenu img{
    	vertical-align: middle;
    That's for those separator-images you have there.

    Although I recommend using lists instead.
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    Hey thanks for your help.. I pulled some of the styles and added the suggested and it worked fine.. I was trying to avoid the image but I was having trouble guaranteing height on the block then. Thanks a lot
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