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Thread: AN Hosting?

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    AN Hosting?

    Hey, I am in the market for a host. I have been searching for like a week. Ok, I dound a site, I called there support seemed very good. Great servece from what I could tell. Looked like you got a lot for what you pay.

    Has anyone ever hosted from them?

    I am going to go with the linux plan if I buy from them.

    Comments? Reasons why they are good? Reasons why they are bad?
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    Welcome to the community! From what I know AN Hosting is part of MidPhase services, whom run a very nice organization from what I hear. I don't think you'll have a problem with them.

    Good luck!
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    Hello Zero,

    At first I thought the website was copied from MidPhase, but then I saw the fine print at the bottom "AN Hosting is a midPhase company." which cleared up the confusion.

    You should do a search on MidPhase or AN Hosting here, you will find plenty of feedback on them
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