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    Need help finding a song name

    I got this song n my head, but I can't make out the words

    It sounds something like

    "So, it is, you ain't got my lovin"

    These aren't the words but if you say them you might get the general sound and somehow recgonise it but I doubt I will get that lucky

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    Its a long shot, but Google might be able to help:
    Beer is Good.

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    A song by Bon Jovi?

    All about lovin' you. But I have absolutely no confidence in it. I don't look that much into lyrics

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    tried google for 2 hours lol, trouble is those aren't the words to the song lol, it's not bon jovi lol

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    Yea I always try to google the lyrics and hope to find it.

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    I think it's better if you try saying them then you might get the sound of the song, and realise what it is, since my words are wrong.

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