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    * China Kills Protestors and Attempts Media Blackout

    A week ago Chinese police killed ~20 protestors

    They have been trying to maintain a news blackout.

    International reporters caught wind of this and have been trying to report the news. The news is sparse but it appears that ~20 protestors in the 20s-30s have been killed by police.

    I am starting a post which links to all of the news agencies that have reported this. We can't let an international tragedy like this go unheard.

    If you know of any news agencies that have articles or pictures of this incident please let me know

    This is the time for Bloggers to unite since we have free speech on our side and are not swayed by government attempts for media blackouts!

    Post about this story on your blog. No matter what your blog is about -- spread this information across the blogosphere.

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    Not a lot of links that talk about that many people being killed, actually just skimming over the news posts it seems they only talk about one.

    ... but I wouldn't be surprised if they did kill 20 protesters, afterall it is China and their human rights record isn't the greatest!
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    I read about that last week, in that article they claimed the Chinese government was trying to "pay off" some of the witnesses, trying to pretend it never happened.
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    Last I read, the guy responsible for the death is being detained and quizzed about his actions...

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