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    shared hosting with LDAP

    Hi, does anyone know of a good (and affordable) shared hosting service that provides LDAP databases?

    I'm doing some work for a non-profit foster care & adoption agency that can't afford a dedicated server, but I sure would love to give them an LDAP seems to be a rare feature in shared hosting.

    All suggestions appreciated! - Jennifer

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    Hmm, trying doing a search on the forum or on google. Is there a specific reason why you want an LDAP database over, say, MySQL or postgre?

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    Yeah, I'm setting up egroupware for them. I will be using a mySQL database, but using an LDAP database in addition would make account management much more simple for them.

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    I do not think you will find anyone. LDAP usually holds critical information and mainly because of it does not offered on shared accounts. You can get a cheap VPS and install it there.

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    As asmar says, it will be extremely hard to find a shared host offering this. LDAP is a mission-critical application and, as such, is not suitable for shared hosting.
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