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    Selling VERY Active Gaming Forum

    Site: - Microsoft Halo discussion forum.

    Stats: From Awstats: 150 uniques a day MINIMUM (targeted, of course). Ranges usually from 200 to 300 (and I have not advertised in about a month and a half now, AT ALL. If I start advertising again, numbers will soar...).
    Site stats:

    Money: There is adsense on the forum (run by SMF - very reliable and easy to use), but it barely makes anything. I guess Halo isn't a top paying keyword. I get about 5-25 cents a click. About 3 clicks a day = 1 dollars in a week. However, put up some commission offers, or selling advertising space, and you'll be making easy money in no time. I've sold already about 4 advertising spaces in all, and made about 25 dollars from that (in about one and a half months). I just don't have the time to keep looking around for people interested; it's very time consuming.

    Information about the site
    : This site is listed in many, MANY halo topsites, and it's about number two in all of them (number two in the biggest). People find my site from everywhere: referrals, search engine searches, topsites, etc. This site IS Dmoz listed.

    I made up a pretty unique system to get people to post - there are certain ranking (according to the Halo series), and each ranking is a specific color. Ranks are based on posts. Now, throughout the WHOLE forum, whenever a person's username appears, the username is in the color of his/her particular ranks. This gets many newcomers to post, and many active members. People come from google searches on how to do tricks, etc. I have gotten MUCH good feedback, and many think it's the best site on the net (yes... I didn't make that up). Some are coming back online every hour to check for new posts. I'm starting to get at least 100 posts a day now.

    This forum was started towards the end of August. Many modifications and packages have been added to this forum to make it more user-friendly and funner for halo users (ex: next to every post is a user's Halo 1 and 2 username, if they added it to their profile).

    The main intent for this site at first was the Official Video section. I have not seen one site related to Halo JUST for video tutorials on how to glitches and secrets (a VAST amount in Halo), so I thought this was a unique idea, and it is. There are two halo video-only boards, and both are done so that the topic titles can be seen, but not the content, which makes more guests sign up to view the videos. Once people come to the site, they usually come back for more videos. There are MANY return visits every day. There are 5 signups per day MINIMUM. Usually the number is around 15, and ranges up to 32.

    I have probably forgotten some things, so if I remember them, I'll post them.

    I'm not necessarily selling this site right now, but if I get a high enough offer I like right now, I will sell it. I'm looking for something higher than $600 dollars. No BIN, sorry. Note: the domain has had upraissals of mid $xx itself.

    This site is PR3 (probably will be higher) and Dmoz listed.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    E-mail: webhostingtalk [at]
    MSN: passport [at]
    AIM: Everything Halo
    PM me here.
    Post here.


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    Very nice man..

    good luck with this sale.

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    How much are you asking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkredo
    How much are you asking?
    He put it above

    Quote Originally Posted by MeAmRussian
    I'm not necessarily selling this site right now, but if I get a high enough offer I like right now, I will sell it. I'm looking for something higher than $600 dollars. No BIN, sorry. Note: the domain has had upraissals of mid $xx itself.

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    oh yeah, sorry

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    Actually, I think I'll lower it. $500+ now.


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    $200 starting bid.

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    How long have you been using GotLinks?
    Adventures in - Are you a parent? Listen to the free podcast and sign up for the newsletter!

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    I have been using it for about a month, but I don't think it works at all. I think I will be removing it soon... the links there don't show up in backling checkers.

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    What I meant to say was backlink, not backling. I posted that in a rush, and I meant that it didn't work for pageranking reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebbyMedia
    $200 starting bid.
    I will bid $210

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    I'm really sorry, but I don't think that 210 dollars is sufficient enough. This site has drained much of my time. I am very dedicated to it, and have put much work and effort into it to make it better, and I really think 210 is not enough money. If I can get more than 500 dollars (notice, I said more), then I'll concider it very strongly.

    Also, something I forgot to mention in the first post: I have made many, many videos and have uploaded them to some video sharing websites. The buyer of the website will get rights to them. I don't know what could possibly be done to the videos, but whatever the buyer wants to do with them is free to do whatever he wishes.

    Thanks and sorry,

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    Highest offer right now is at $400.


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    Site sold. Auction closed.

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