Hey all, After alot of pain and legal issues with a few different hosting companies - although we have gone through alot of them - Ahosting.biz has really been a mircle to us here. I own multiple businesses all on the web - getloanscheap.com, getthereeasy systems and more.

Most server companies say they can do all that others can do - Well most people know talk is just that - Talk... Most people are experts on nothing most the time. As far as AHosting.biz goes, Wow - what a breath of freash Air - to be able to go on vacation and leave my sites in their hands and know that is something goes down - they know about it before I ever write them and usually will have it fixed right after I write them if not before.

They really do what they say they can do - Cheaper prices, great service, great techs, Great Packages, good connection speeds, top technology, etc. Point is, I have never been more pleased to write something up on a company other than my own - as we do keep our word here.

Long gone is the day where what people say is what they really mean, now it is just sales pitchs and get your money and run deals with most hosting.

Just a note on a very busy day all... Best wishes to all.

Allen - CEO / Owner GetThereEasy Marketing Systems, Intl, Inc.