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Thread: Jmail Error

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    Jmail Error

    I am a designer trying to find out what has happened on my Hosts servers (See wwwserver - Vibus post).
    I have foure sites causing me problems that were previously working fine I have made no changes to them at all and all of a sudden i am getting this jmail error:

    jmail.Message error '8000ffff' The message was undeliverable. All servers failed to receive the message

    I have tried numerous times to contact the hosting company without reply and my clients are giving me hell.
    Any suggestions please.

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Jmail Error

    Hi wanderer123456

    I have exactly the same problem with wwwserver. I use JMail extensively on many sites and they have all ceased to send mail.

    All attempts to contact wwwserver have gone unanswered.

    Did you get any response to your complaint to them?

    I am slowly migrating all sites away from them because the service has become unacceptable.

    Be interested to know if there are any others in the same position


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