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    Question Company Intranet

    I am going to set up one of my first dedicated servers. I know this isn't completely geared towards hosting, but Is there a good product anyone knows of for a company intranet where people can log in, create directories and folders, etc. I'm looking for this in a Windows environment and my skills are minimal, however I'm willing to learn.
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    Most company intranets are hosted internally, (on-site), but you can definitely host it off-site, you just want to make sure that any sensitive information is protected properly.

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    If you are going to host this offsite or onsite i think you should look into sharepoint for windows. From the brief description of your needs sharepoint should take care of your needs.
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    Also check out (also requires Windows/IIS platform). There are also several great Linux alternatives out there, but I'm at a loss to find any. Maybe somebody can post a list.
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    For an intranet, check out HummingBird rpoducts. They have some great GUI tools for admins and users.
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