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    Unhappy Parked Domain Searcheable By engines?

    I have one domain hosted and just bought 5 more. I was hoping to create an index page for each new domain. I have created folders for each of the five domains and put an index page for each in their folders. Then forwarded each domain to their respective folder. The 5 domains are parked since my host says that that is all I can do with more than one domain.

    Problem ! When I run my domains on a web analyzer off the web by typing in the .com for each., it does not find any meta tags for each of the domains. Nor any other of the stuff on the page except description. So basiclly I have a feeling the search engines do not see anything to crawl.

    Help, am I doing this all wrong ?

    Ted W

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    Major search engines do index domain forwarding. That is why some domain registrars like Godaddy and Yahoo! provide you to do masking that allows you to key in site title and description.

    You cannot find meta tags info because forwarding pages are framed page. Your domain registrar frame your " index page for each in their folders."

    In order for your parked sites to be found and indexed by search engines make sure you link it from your main site and get other web sites to link it to you. On that park domain pages you should put no index robot text so that the search engines will not index your parked domain pages under your main domain name. So, there will be no duplication.

    I learned this from a SEO expert and I can testify that it is working.

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    Thanks, that is what I have been trying to find out for days.
    I will search for the no index robot text on the web.

    I suppose after that I can submit each domain name to the search engines.
    At this point I almost want to host each seperate just to get them properly picked up by the search engines. But the cost would be prohibative.

    Thanks again

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    Get a cheap VPS like Westhost that allows you to host multiple domains. In that case you do not need to forward your main domains to another subdomains.

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    Or a cheap reseller account with unlimited domains. You don't need alot of resourses to park domains, so this should be really cheap.
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    Indexing parked pages

    Quote Originally Posted by koushibasaki
    On that park domain pages you should put no index robot text so that the search engines will not index your parked domain pages under your main domain name.
    Let me see if I understand this correctly. Suppose I have two domains, say and I have a hosted website for deejyes. I have deejno parked and forwarded to deejyes. So now I create an index page for deejno that - contrary to your recommendation - includes index robot text. Does that mean when someone searches for deejyes the search results will include a link to the parked index page for deejno?

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    First of all I would like to say that the "no index" meta tag in the htm page is optional. Pardon me for saying "robot text" as it might confuse you with the individual robot text file created to give instruction to robots. This is the no index robot meta tag that you can put in your page that you don't want to be indexed:

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

    Your has a file called index.htm which you should not disallow the search engine from indexing if you want it to be found. When you forward your to from your domain registrar, you are actually forwarding (framing) to's index.htm page which has the meta tag instruction for the robot. So, if you put no index in this meta tag, the search engine will not index (which I believe you shouldn't do it as the more url to your site being indexed the better the chances for your site to be found).

    But if you have a hosting plan that only allows one domain name (as in Learning1's case) you have no choice but to create a folder and htm pages to create web page for your other domain names. Lets say you have :,,,,

    you pobably would want to create a folder each for the 5 domains above with its own index.htm file and other files that you want to be under that domain.
    E.g. if you create a folder called deejno, and in this folder there is a file called index.htm which is a page where you would like to forward your from your registrar. In this case, there are 2 ways for us to access the page i.e either keying in the long URL

    or keying in (which is actually pointing to So, if you didn't put any "no index" meta tag, the search engines will index 2 URLs. But if you put "no index" in that index.htm page under deejno folder then will not be indexed but will be indexed by the search engines (if you put enough links from other web sites to this domain).
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