Hello everyone. I am selling a unique hosting template. It is a pretty simple template that includes a flash and non flash header. Here is further information:

flash version: http://www.dkmhosting.com/~konkain/d...osting8/flash/
non flash version: http://www.dkmhosting.com/~konkain/d...ates/hosting8/

This design will only be sold once and you will receive full rights to it. It will include the following files:

.psd Files
.fla Files
Html files
JavaScript File

Some features that the design has are-
It's unique
Includes a flash header
The main page is coded

Other Comments & Price-
As of now this layout doesn't include a sub-page, but that can be added at an extra cost. It can also be coded in php at an extra cost. Right now I don't have a set price on it so I'm open for offers. I do however don't want any offers below $30usd. Payment can be made via paypal or if you don't have paypal we can make arrangements.