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    Server or hardware specs for big MySQL database

    I would like to know if anyone every working with MySQL more than 5 million record of more than 1GB of database size.

    I want to know the specs of the dedicated server that can handle these BIG database.

    I think 2GB RAM is enough but I am not sure so I would like to have suggestion from the one who ever work with big database like this before

    Thank you

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    Yeah, I run even somewhat larger DBs (largest is 4 gig one) on a simple P4/1GB box which also runs Apache/PHP.
    But everything really depends on your usage patterns. If your queries are not properly optimized, things may be very slow on any server.
    Anyway, 2GBs of RAM is enough cause MySQL will be able to always keep the whole DB cached in memory.

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    On a related subject, has anyone had experience running a MySQL database with in the neighbourhood of 25,000-50,000 concurrent connections on a server with maybe one or two Opterons or Xeons?
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    That's not possible unless most of connections are idle. If you need to serve such a high load, you'll have to serialize some queries, MySQL Connector for Java has such capabilities (for PHP you can achieve the same effect by running a limited number of FastCGI servers, and backlogging all pending requests).

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