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    Question Help Please: Finding Australasian Host

    Hi all

    I'm wondering if anyone here can give me some pointers re finding a host in Australasia. I've been hunting around on the net but am not having much luck.

    I need something that allows hosting of multiple domains (up to 5 would be great) in one account, PHP5, MySQL (at least 20 databases), Apache2, and ability to run WordPress and ZenCart (i.e., if it supports Fantastico I'll be fine). I've found a few hosts worldwide which do what I want (e.g., have thought about servage), but my biggest concern relates to speed. I'm sitting in New Zealand and, since I want to run a niche retail commerce site serving New Zealand customers, I need the host to have great ping times for NZers (hence my earlier statement re Australasian hosts). Am a little concerned with going with a hoster with gazillions of sites hosted too, as (again) I need good serve speed and low downtime.

    I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest host, but don't really want to pay more than $20 per month for the hosting.

    I'd be really grateful for any ideas!
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    You can get good speed from US based hosts. HostGator works well speedwise for me from Australia. They're well priced and have good reviews on this forum. An Australian host will be fractionally faster but I don't know as it would be worth the extra money. Have you tried US based hosts and found them to be too slow or are you assuming they'll be too slow? The link in my sig is at HostGator if you want to check speed. I've had other US host and they can be slow depending on what datacentre they're servers are at.
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    Thanks Zenith - much appreciated.

    I'd be more than happy to use a US-based host - I'd just found speed a little slow amongst the ones I'd visited. Have had a look at HostGator and it appears to have good speed from where I am - will look into it further.
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    For hosting in an Australian datacentre, Ilisys have fairly cheap packages and a lot of customers.
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    Do you meant Australia or Australia+Asia??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceanworld
    Do you meant Australia or Australia+Asia??
    He meant Australasia. It's the south eastern region that comprehends Australia too.
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    There is always

    I have personally used the services of in the past.. but as commented above.. US hosting can be quite satisfactory for hosting sites.

    Sadly with the wonderful institution called Telstra, hosting in Aus is so much more expensive, to the host, and therefore the end user.
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    You may find a few Australasian hosts here.
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