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    Exclamation ::DESIGNER WANTED:: Designer wanted for high end IPB Forum Skin - Gaming Related


    We are currently developing a World of Warcraft related gaming forum, We expext that this site will become the most popular World of Warcraft based community other than the official Blizzard forums. We are currently looking for a designer that can do a full high quality IPB design for our forums. The designer chosen will need to do a complete IPB skin with CSS etc for our domain from scratch, and will need to install the skin on our board. Any instructions required for upgrading the board as new versions are relased will also be needed.

    We will be running IPB 2.1,x, IPB Portal, and IP Gallery for photo/graphics hosting. The design will need to be adapted to all of these scripts and will need to function flawlessly.

    Price is negotiable. We are looking for a high quality design for this site, and currently have a budget of $400-$800 to get a completely unique design done for this site, and we will also place a permanent "designed by" link on the site as well. Design should be ready to run, and should include all graphics, buttons, header, coding, slicing, etc. We would prefer to stay away from flash to keep the loading times fast. Design elements, colors, layout, etc. will be mainly left up to the designer. We will specify a few positions where we would like to have ad placements, but other than that the designer will have primary control over the look and feel of the site.

    Design must be completely unique. We will retain full rights to the entire design, and the designer will need to send us full source files for all graphics, buttons, psd's, etc etc. Source for any graphics must be documented as well for liability.

    Please contact me via PM or email WITH YOUR PORTFOLIO INFO if you believe you are qualified and would like to take on this project. We have several other forum based projects in the works as well, so if you are willing to take on the work, we may have additional projects with vbulletin, IPB, and subdreamer available in the near future as well.

    Rob Tyree
    Versaweb - DDoS Protected Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting
    Fiberhub - SAS70 Type-II Colocation in Las Vegas and Seattle

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    I mailed you my application for the project!

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    I have also emailed you my application. I am a designer at


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    Sounds like a very interesting project, good luck in finding a designer.

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    I am a inexperienced with HTML/CSS coding into IPB Skins. I do have some experience, but not of very high quality. However, I can easily provide graphics and know how to create quality forum skins.

    My portfolio for forum skins is somewhat old, however here are a few:

    They are over a year old, and my photoshop experience and skill have definately improved. If you want some links to later works, I can send you a PM.

    Thanks for your time,
    my portflio ~great design for less.
    AIM: Mattc0m | E-mail: mattc0m[at]

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    I recommend They just finished my company site and working with me on another large project. Very professional and excellent to work with!

    aim info if needed :zeromediadesign

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