I am in search of a fully compentent, dependable php coder for a one time website job. The website has already existed, but do to some problems we lost all the files. The database still exists, and the new site will be required to use the old database because of the large amount of data sotred in it already.

It is a fan based website, with many sections, all fully php driven. Graphics can be done and provided to you for the front end. People who update the site would log into a special admin page and be able to update sections, etc.

I am looking for a well established programmer, with sufficient experience and skills. I would prefer to view samples and / or recommendations of previous work and clients. I am not looking for a high school or college student that is hoping to take a stab at it, as much as I would like to support you, I need this job done well and have no time to play around.

More information and details on the job are available to the qualified person(s).

Please send me a PM on here if you wish, however I prefer email to: [email protected]

Thank you all for your time, and I look forward to doing business with you.