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    need high bandwidth unmetered server

    I'm interested in a 30mbit server, mine currently uses 20-25mbit on average, it has peaked a couple times at 40Mbit. I need a 100mbps burstable port.
    I will need CPanel and a stable Linux release. The server will be used for high-bandwidth server hosting adult movie files and pics from 50kB to 2MB in size and can have as many as 1000-1500 simultaneous connections.

    I don't mind some cogent bandwidth (but not all, I was w/ FDC before and it sucked big time some times).

    I spent under $200 w/ FDC but I understand that I'll need to spend more to get more reliable stuff. But still, my budget is $300-350 a month. Is this possible?


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    It's possible, but I don't have any links that are within your budget. It might be a bit hard to find a decent host that can provide you with that many Mbit, server and cPanel for all under $350.
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    Orange fiber and steadfastnetworks seem pretty good. Any experiences?

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    I've heard a lot of good things about steadfast, but no personal experience. 300-350 is generally doable for that bandwidth range, however on a 100mbit burstable port I am not sure...Most of the time the 30mbit servers and such are on a capped port.

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    It will be tough to find a server in that price range with that amount of bandwidth. It will be lower quality bandwidth and might not be managed. Can you manage your server yourself?
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