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    Hi, I have an asp script for sending form contents to my email.
    I'm using plesk control panel on windows 2003 server. I have installed asp and it's running. My problem is that after submitting the form it's working fine with no errors, but I am not able to receive the form contents on my email.
    Pls be informed that there is no problem with the script because it's working fine on another webserver with no errors and also I am able to receive the mail.

    I just setup a new webserver with plesk control panel and I am trying asp on that. Shall i have to do any other settings on the server ?

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    well i think there is problem in sending SMTP ( if u are using ) might be you would have disabled the settings.

    check that in mail options.

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    well..thanks for yr reply. as I told u b4 there is no errors in the script as it's working fine on another webserver. the script is meant for sending the form contents to my email id. checkout
    after submitting u will get thanks page. but I am not able to receive the mail with the form contents

    I just setup my own 2003 webserver with mailenable as the mailserver.
    I doubt something I have configure in SMTP. it's already enabled and working.

    referers = Array("", "")

    mailComp = "CDOSYS"
    smtpServer = ""

    any idea ???

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    Do you have authorization enabled in SMTP?
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    Guys, thank u all for replying to my post.
    Anyway I have solved the problem. I was having McAcfee installed in my server and it was blocking Port 25. I have removed it and it's working fine now.

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