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    need help picking a host

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping I could get some help with picking a webhost .. it seems like there's so many options out there. Just a few recommendations would be nice.

    I'm a graphic design student and I need a place for my portfolio, which will take up a considerable amount of space. I also need a place for my personal website & journal, so I will need subdomains. There's a list of my requirements below, and I'm trying to find a good price. I realize that sometimes cheaper isn't always better, but I'm somewhat of a bargain shopper.

    200-300 MB
    20-30 GB of BW
    Up to 5 subdomains & email
    (I prefer CPanel)

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    Hello and welcome on WHT!

    Have you browsed yet the Offers SubForum?

    Then pick a bunch of hosting companies, and ask questions, both here and to their sales dept.

    Good Luck!
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    Have you tryed the search button here on WHT forums? For that much of bandwidth monthly i would suggest a reseller account, but then the price will jump.

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    if you are building up a portfolio then i suggest you put "add-on domains" to your requirements too.
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    If you are considering having multiple domains I would suggest going with Dathorn's Internet Services and getting their $13/month plan. I've been with them for almost two years now and have less problems with them than any other host I've tried.

    I'd also recommend you doing a search on Dathorn and any other companies you consider using WHT search function.
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    Hi girlintheworld, welcome to WHT!
    Your needs are rather modest, and there sholuld be no problem finding a host meeting them. But you should be careful to avoid the bad apples - there are plenty of those in this over-saturated market where hosts try to cut costs by outsourcing support to India etc....

    I always advice people to look around themselves for hosts with good customer reputation, you can even search here on WHT as a start. I don't think you need to spend more than $7-10 per month.
    Good Luck!
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