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    * Blazing Fast Server - Excellent Deal - Unlock The True Potential of Your Business

    Discover how a blazing fast server on a 100% uptime network will make your business explode! Take your server today and unlock the true potential of your business!

    All of our servers include:
    100% Network Uptime
    100% Name Brand Memory (OCZ or Geil with metal heat sinks)
    100% Fully Tested Servers

    Intel P4 3.2 GHZ
    1 MB L2 Cache!
    1 GB Ram(PC3200 Premium) (512 or 1 GB for name your price. You decide)
    200 GB SATA Hard Drive(1.5 times as fast as IDE)

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    Any Operation System You would Like (We usually recommend Fedora or CentOS)
    Fast Activation

    E-Mail us with all of your questions!
    E-Mail to [email protected]

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    1000 GB Premium Multihomed Bandwidth (Up to 1000 GB for name your own price you decide)
    8 U.S. I.P. addresses (you tell us how many I.P. addresses youwant for name your own price)
    Multiple OC48 Connections or beter

    E-Mail to [email protected]

    Bandwidth is multihomed through MCI, Level(3), Qwest, Verio, XO and WilTel for fastest possible performance and not least cost like many other data centers.

    Control Panel Information:
    cPanel: $35 per month (just on this server)
    DirectAdmin: $99 one time (just on this server)
    Webmin Free (on all servers)

    Fast Setup Times (Click Here)

    E-Mail us all of your questions to [email protected]

    All of our servers are located in San Diego, CA and are connected to 10mbps or 100mbps ports on a backbone of the following providers: MCI, Level(3), Qwest, Verio, XO and WilTel with at least oc-48 connections or better.

    Private message to Zinet
    E-Mail to [email protected]

    Zanadoo provides the highest quality server hardware and network at a competitive price. If you need a reliable dedicated server on a fast network Zanadoo is the place to go.

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