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    597 + script is for sale!

    Hi all,

    I'm selling the domain

    Its a multi search engine script that allows you to search 4 search engines at once. I design this years ago, it use to be hosted with blogger, but it got to much traffic.

    After that, i hosted it on a personal web design site, - then i realized i needed a real domain for itself, so i chose, however, it was stolen, and automatically registered as

    It use to get ALOT of traffic, about 100-1000 hits per day. Now it hardly gets any because i do not advertise it anymore.

    This domain + script includes hosting until the domain expires, after that, you must start paying for hosting.

    It needs about 500-700mb of space, so about 1GB, to be on the safe side.

    The logo is included, if you wish to keep it.

    Forums are not included, as you see, i took it off line.

    The person who purchases this, i will try to transfer the domain to you, however the company i registered it from may not transfer it, i registered it from - you may ask them if domains can be transferred.

    Here is the description "You can choose any 4 search engines and the screen will divide your browser into 4 windows displaying each of the search engine results."

    Here are the key words it uses "Yahoo, Answers,, Ask Jeeves, Ask, Direct Hit, Lycos, Excite, Webcrawler, Hot Bot, Meta Crawler,, Mamma, DogPile, Search, engine, search engine, ultimate search engine, ultimate, MSN, Google, searching, internet"

    I'm selling the domain + script + logo + + + splitsearch @ gmail . com + 6 months of hosting.

    I would like no less then $500.00 - Increasment of $20.00
    BIN for for $1,000

    I will end this On 12/16/05 at 5:00 AM USA EST

    I will accept PayPal, or Mail in Check

    Any questions, please send an email to rjnsmith @ gmail . com or send a PM

    Ryan Smith

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    I got an offer for $525.00 via email.
    BIN is still available for $1,000 with full resale rights and hosting!
    Ryan Smith

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    Offer is now at $565.00
    BIN is still being offered.
    Ryan Smith

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