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  1. #1 - PR 5 - FOR SALE

    URL: - PR 5

    Age of site (months): 14

    Monthly revenue: N/A

    Revenue details: N/A

    Monthly page views: 4000

    Traffic details:
    Most of the traffic comes from search engines (Google especially) and links that previous authors have posted.

    I originally started the site in late 2004 as a blog for people to vent their anger at the petty things in life that piss them off. I often find these rants amusing and cathartic and figured others would too. I also loved the domain name Due to the fact that I've not been able to devote as much time to updating it as I'd like and the previous assistant editor lost interest updates and therefore traffic have died down. At it's height the site was getting 300-400 visitors per day and was a very lively community and with some TLC it could easily achieve that status again.

    Another thought I had was to reposition the site as an '' or '' type site which would increase revenue considerably. The domain name is totally unique and VERY memorable indeed. It gets quite a few type ins and as you would expect ranks highly on all search engines for the term 'cunning linguist'.

    The current site runs on a Mambo installation with a little custom coding. I added a neat feature that would email the author of an article as it was published so that they would be aware there story was live and should inform all their friends etc. It worked quite nicely and increased traffic each time I would update the site.

    The site is also a PR 5 with some strong backlinks.

    Revenue is negligable as I only show adsense which does not amount to much as the site is currently only reciving about 60 uniques a day. That's 60 uniques with no updates. This site could be huge in the right hands either continuing in it's current form or repositioning it and re-marketing.

    The domain expires in October 2006 so there's plenty of time left.

    I reserve the right to withdraw this auction if a suitable offer is not made.

    Price (or starting bid): 500

    Is an auction?: Yes

    Google page rank: 5

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    Current high bid is $500 over at SitePoint


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    Current high bid is now $510 via PM at WHT.


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    UPDATE: Current highest offer is $800 via email.


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    Current high bid is still the confirmed email offer of $800. I have had a few people express interest in the bin price (as posted on the site itself) but as yet have recieved no firm offer.

    I will end this auction at 12PM EST on Sunday 18th December, 2005

    Thanks for your interest.


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    Sale will end in just under 24hrs...


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