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    Question Is there any shortcomings of Add-on Domains?

    The title of the thread says it all. I've seen some hosts out there that offer many or unlimited add-on domains, however I have a few questions.

    Does an add-on domain SEO results get adversely affected? Is there any way for end users to trace the add-on domain to the primary domain? I'd like to make sure that each site I setup doesn't have any link to the rest of them in my network.

    Is there any other unforeseen shortcomings or caveats with add-on domains? Besides the intrinsic risks of shared hosting (oversold servers, security issues, etc.) is there anything that really detracts from getting a plan that offers a lot of add-on domains? I do a lot of non-profit and mom and pop type websites, but want them to be completely autonomous.

    What's your thoughts on the matter? Thanks in advance!

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    it sounds to me like what you really need is a reseller account or a multi-domain account. This would allow you to host multiple domains on the same account, with no relation to each other besides the nameservers being the same.

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    I don't need billing to be part of the arangement. I build and mange CMS systems for the most part. Most clients don't know what php or mysql is, let alone cpanel. I can completely take care of the backend, I'm just wondering if a generous add-on domain package would work well, such as The client gets invoiced a flat fee for the design and hosting on my tab.

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    If you're doing all the web site management then add-on domains are OK. There shouldn't be any problems with SEO. You'll only get into problems if people want to logon to cpanel to see their own stats because there is only 1 cpanel that includes all add-on domains (even though there is separate stats for each add-on domain).

    There are probably a few services that apply to the whole domain, like IP deny manager, that might be inconvenient but probably aren't a big deal.
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