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    Arrow LiquidWeb 6 Month Review!


    About 6 months ago I found WebHostingTalk while seaching Google for a new dedicated server host that offered fully managed servers. I cam across a few reviews for LiquidWeb, so I dedicated to give them a chance.

    I've now been with LiquidWeb for just a bit over 6 months now, and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with their servers, and network. I experienced one 15 minute downtime due to a network switch going bad, but other than that my servers with them have been running fast, and their network quality has been A++. I've recently ordered another 6 servers with them in the past 2 months, and have had nothing but great success with all of them.

    Their support is great. My response times range from 20 - 60 minutes for the initial response, and 60 - 240 minutes for a full resolution on a semi-complex issue. I'm not very tech savvy myself, and the support team has been more than patient with me making some configuration changes and tweaks to our servers. Granted, sometimes their replies are short such as "The issue is now resolved, please contact us with any further questions" which I am not to fond of, but indeed the issues are fixed, so not much complaints there. The only thing I would like to see improve, in the length of the responses, but again, not a big issue with me as long as the issue is resolved, which it always has been.

    Their prices are about average, not cheap, but not too expensive. Their setup times are average (2-3 days), and their sales staff are always friendly to our team.

    I just felt like I owed it to LiquidWeb to just drop a nice comment on the same forum where I discovered about them.

    Thanks LiquidWeb!

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    Hey, im glad your happy with LiquidWeb, and welcome to WHT!

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    Elsa Morales

    Great to see some satisfied customers out there.


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    I bet they're happy youre giving a shout to them. Nice.

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    We got our server less then 24 hour.
    We are also very pleased with them. Thier support is fast and friendly.
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    They are very responsive for many criticals support, ie reboot or server hang.

    However, it takes them a while / won't reply to any difficult problem, ie find out why server's load was high - well, it might not be their job, eventhough the server is managed.

    Overall, i am very happy with them, so far, they are one of the best datacenter i've ever used.

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    Hello & Welcome to WHT!

    Glad to hear you are happy with LiquidWeb, thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us. Hope the pleasant experience continues, keep us updated in the future.

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    I second your review of LiquidWeb, I have been with them since September, and they are amazing!.

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    I've been happy with liquidweb aswell. The network is flawless and my customers are happy.

    My only beef is about a month ago I put in a sales request for some colo questions, and never updated. I even went through the live chat, they said the colo people would be there next day, and few days later still no update, so I just closed the ticket and went elsewhere. Too bad.

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    Glad to hear your happy.
    About the short responses, I also agree with you that short responses are slighlty annoying (I want to know what hte issue is!), but imagine if each tech typed out what they did and what the issue was. Then the support times would drop, which would make me really annoyed . Guess its a no win situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruiner
    I've been happy with liquidweb aswell. The network is flawless and my customers are happy.
    Until today's big NOC wide downtime. Some people have servers still down for over 4+ hours. I don't know how LiquidWeb can guarantee 100% network uptime anymore, they have been down far more than any other tier-1 NOC that I know of. Even some of the cheap providers have better uptime history than them including Ezzi, EV1servers, Nectartech.
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    universal2001, your sig. says you have a Server with LW and if so, why not discuss your own situation instead of others?

    We also have one of our Servers with LW and it was down for about an hour. Recorded msg. said the problem was a power outage and if so, I would say they need to focus on their backup power procedures.

    We've experienced power outages with other DCs as well and it almost seems an Industry Standard, that backup procedures are never checked/tested until they are actually needed. Not good. - for all your Hosting needs
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    I have three servers in LiquidWeb, and in power outage, all servers get no more than 30 minutes off-line.

    LiquidWeb offer a great service, for a good price.

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