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Thread: IMAP host

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    IMAP host

    Hey all,
    I have recently been using an Imap inbox at University and am really liking it, so much in fact that I would like to setup my main mailbox to use it. Now I'm hosted on a cpanel server which I assume dosn't have imap support, does anyone know of a host that offers a low budget imap mailbox and how I would set it up in cpanel to forward to it...?

    The other throught that occured to me is that a low budget VPS running the appropraite deamon might not be a bad solution.

    Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated

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    We can do IMAP mailboxes on the Windows 2003 platform with POP3, IMAP4 & Outlook Web access. For your info, cPanel does support IMAP infact IMAP comes pre-installed with cPanel but it depends if your host have it enabled or not.

    If you would like more information on IMAP mailboxes with Outlook web access drop me a message at iain [dot] shortreed [at] xurial [dot] net.

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    have a look at the mail section on cpanel it has imap instructions

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