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    Looking for permanent personal programmer - php/mysql - [Expert needed]


    I am currently looking for a programmer to do work for me. I have alot of scripting and programming work I need done for current and upcomming websites.

    I am looking for:

    - Someone who is reliable

    - Ready to work - must be available alot

    - Must be expert with PHP/MySQL, tasks may be complex at times

    - Not required, but minor javascript will not hurt

    - Must be insightful and helpful - willing to teach as I will be customizing and upgrading code

    - Must be quick and able to meet tight deadlines


    If you think you are right for this job, please PM me with contact information including IM.

    The programmer will be paid on a project to project basis.


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    Lots of people interested - still looking. I am looking for a freelancer rather then a company, I will be needing you for alot of jobs so I am looking for someone affordable as well.

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    Hi ,

    Check your mailbax I have mailed you now.

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    Still looking for a good and reliable programmer.

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    Sending you a PM right now.

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