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    want hosting with qmail control

    I am currently have shared hosting with icdsoft and am very happy with them, but lately I've begun to be frustrated by certain limitations.

    I would like command line access to control qmail (or another mail manager) as well as create/modify ftp accounts.

    Do you know of a reasonably priced (and by reasonably priced I mean $100 or less - this site is a hobby not a business) options that will give me this control? I also don't want to lose the options that I currently have with ICDsoft - IMAP, MySQL databases, a great control panel and webmail interface, multiple or infinite email addresses, subdomains, ftp accounts, mailing lists, and chron jobs among other things.

    Thanks in advance.

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    when you state that you are looking for qmail control, what are you looking to gain control over. We use hsphere and have found everything we need to be in the cp for our qmail server. Have you had a look at hsphere?
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    I'll be a bit more detailed. With ICDsoft I have great control over Qmail and EZMLM and my FTP accounts. No complaints there. What I want, though, is scripting access.

    For example, I would like to create a page which users can access and add or remove themselves from mailing lists, change their email passwords, change their ftp access passwords, etc. To implement this, I would use php to call the commands. As it is, I need to access the control panel to make these changes for them, or if they can make the changes, they must do so via different methods, but not in one consolidated, easy to use place.

    I hope that clears things up. Maybe what I'm really asking for is hosting with shell access.

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