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    reverse proxy hosting


    Do you know who offers reverse proxy hosting?

    For example I have url www[dot]domain1[dot]com/dir/1
    I wish to see it at www[dot]domain2[dot]com

    Without frames please. I'm asking about proxy with Apache


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    cPanel has a feature that can do just that: Also known as addon domains.
    Most other panels do as well - I wouldn't exactly call it 'reverse proxy hosting' though... (as there are no proxies involved :p)
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    what about the folder, If I add domain www[dot]domain2[dot]com will show www[dot]domain1[dot]com without the path

    I wish to see www[dot]domain1[dot]com/dir/1, please see /dir/1 after domain1
    and there is no such path in the file system /dir/1 because is search engine friendly url


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    probably can be done without reverse proxy with URL Rewriting?

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    From your description, it sounds as if you want to Apache to use canonical names. I'm not sure of the CPanel/etc equivalent of this.

    That is, if you've a site setup at, but you also want to view it via, and have them both have the same directory and file structure.

    Not sure where you heard this "reverse proxy" and need for URL rewriting...

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