I'm offering text links on www.crazyfrogfootball.com.

The stats for November are:

Total Sessions 2,327.00
Total Pageviews 6,124.00
Total Hits 19,939.00
Total Bytes Transferred 275.51 MB

Average Sessions Per Day 77.57
Average Pageviews Per Day 204.13
Average Hits Per Day 664.63
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 9.18 MB

Average Pageviews Per Session 2.63
Average Hits Per Session 8.57
Average Bytes Per Session 121.24 KB
Average Length of Session 00:01:18

So as you can see - quite a number of people visit this site each day.

Let me know what you are prepared to offer monthly.

As for where the link will go...

I'll put the big Google Ads box below the game and remove the other.

Any links sold here will go directly above the game.