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    Set up email accts from one interface w/multiple domains

    I would like to use either WHMAP, ClientExec or Ensim to manage setting up email address at multiple domains from one account.

    What I *really* want to do is automate the entire process so that the user could select (say, from a pulldown) the domain and then fill in their user name and, if it's not already in the database, the account gets set up.

    There wouldn't be a POP/IMAP established, just an address that would forward to a user-specified address elsewhere.

    Any guidance here? Thanks!

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    A lot of my customers use QMail with VPopMail and qmailadmin. In order to add a domain to the mail server you have to do, "vadddomain <domain>" and then you can login using the cgi interface. You could definitely add such a perl/cgi/php script interface, but as far as billing, I dont know. You will be charging PER forwarder?

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