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    Talking To-be technlogies or 10Gigs of space for 1$

    Hello everyone,

    I was talking with colleague about all this space giveaway... and todays hosting. Wondering: in todays market you can get domain name for 1.99$ or mailbox 2.99GB for 0.00$. Who stops hosting companies from hdd space giveaway?
    Ok, imagine what into normal server you can put ~500 accounts. You have box with 2*250GB, for linux install you need only 4gigs. So, have 496 gigs. Maybe you want to spend some more and make real gala to your costumers? Add more 2 hdd and your box will hold ~1TB. So, why nobody do sensational thing - 1 - 2GB of space for each costumer? Ok, you can limit bw, mysql and so on, but everybody understand what costumer will run into company, who gives more space... Today its not novelty "real" "unlimited bw" offer(from tos: no large files), why not to make "real" offer with ton of space?
    Or doesn anyone tried to do this? How does is went?

    Have any ideas?
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    Mainly I guess, because you make no money giving hosting away for $1 for 1Gb.

    The actual hardware is a fraction of the cost of running a hosting company.
    People always cost the most money. I don't want to spend my time running a company just to break even...
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