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    Cool DUAL XEON POWER - 2x2.8Ghz, 2G RAM, 2x200G SATA HD, 2TB BW starting at $199 !!!

    2-2-2 Server: The perfect low-cost, high performance servers

    Sales: 888-749-7067
    AOL, Yahoo, Google Talk Handles: ripplewebservers
    MSN Handle: [email protected]

    Server Specs for our 2-2-2 servers:

    General Features
    Dual Xeon 2.8GHz 1M Cache 800Mz FSB
    2 GIG PC27000 ECC Registered DDR RAM
    2x200 GIG SATA Maxtor Hard Drive
    2000 GIG Multi-homed Non-Saturated Bandwidth
    3Ware Dedicated Hardware RAID Controller - RAID 1 (mirroring) Default
    CentOS 4.1 Installed (Fedora, Windows Server 2003 -unmanaged- available)
    2 IPs Included
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    FREE Remote Reboot
    Setup Fee: $0 for $222 monthly OR $199 for $199 monthly fee
    Configure your server at

    Exceptional Customer Service

    24x7 Ticket Support and Phone Support
    2 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee
    24 Hour Ticket Resolution
    Setup in 3-4 hours typical, 24 hours guaranteed

    Multi-homed Bandwidth
    2000 GIG Multi-homed Non-Saturated Bandwidth (2000GIG In/2000GIG Out)
    BGP Peer with Cogent & Herakles (ATT, SBC, Sure West, On Fiber, UFO) - 6 Providers
    BGP Autonomous System Registered with ARIN - ASN 35063
    Ping Test: Ping to check out our latency
    100Mbps Burstable Ports
    Bandwidth Usage Graphs
    Additional Bandwidth over 2000GIG charged at $0.2/GIG
    10/100Mbps Plans: Ask Sales 888-749-7067

    Network Security

    Perimeter Firewall Protection
    Private VLAN on Access Switch Interfaces
    Cisco ACLs on Access Switch Interfaces
    Seperate Data and Provisioning Networks

    Network and Data Center

    CCIE Designed, Configured and Supported Network
    High Availability, Redundant or Hot Swap Backups For Network Appliances
    GIG Pipes in Network Core to Avoid Network Bottlenecks
    State Of The Art Data Center with Raised Floors and 24' Ceilings
    24x7 Human and Biometric Security, Motion and Intrusion Detection Systems
    Redundant Cooling and Power Systems

    Remote Reboot
    Out-of-band Secure Server Reboot
    24X7 Client Access
    SSH v2 Security Login on Seperate Secure Provisioning Network

    Extras Or Paid Services

    Remote Backup
    Add on Remote Backup on our Private LAN for only $39/month
    Sold in 100 GIG Blocks

    Windows 2003 Server
    Windows 2003 Server Web Edition: Add $25/momth
    Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition: Add $35/month
    Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition: Add $50/month

    Server Management

    Additional Server Management and Service Monitoring for $35/month
    Service Monitoring with Automatic Restart
    Kernel Upgrades
    Application Upgrades (Apache, Cpanel, Exim, BIND, etc)
    Custom Installation of 3rd Party Utilities (Fantastico, ZendOptimizer, GD, ImageMagick)
    Server Migration to Ripple Web Dedicated Server
    Server Setup with System Security, Optimization and Hardening
    Server Restoration from Backup

    Control Panel
    C-Panel Available for $35/month
    Free Fantastico Install with C-Panel on request
    Other Control Panel Request Ask Sales


    2 GB Additional RAM for $79/month (Setup $79 for existing customers)
    Over 2000 GIG Bandwidth Usage charged at $0.2/GIG
    Block of 2 IPs charged at $2/month
    Ripple Web
    Dedicated Servers - Private Cloud Services - Colocation

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    Do you provide server managment for Win 2003 boxes, we are willing to pay extra if you have good onsite support


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    For the Windows Servers we set them up, install the latest Service Pack and patches and hand them off. Since we are mainly a Linux shop and are new to Windows installs we have decided to hold off on managing them for a few months till we are confident. But there are a host of management companies that you can look into that can help you with the management ask around in the forum.
    Ripple Web
    Dedicated Servers - Private Cloud Services - Colocation

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    Of course if you need any hardware replaced or an OS install we do that for you as part of our unmanaged service.
    Ripple Web
    Dedicated Servers - Private Cloud Services - Colocation

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