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    looking for webhosting


    looking for

    3000MB webspace
    2GB bandwidth

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    So you need 3GB of space..but only 2GB of bandwidth? May I ask what you are hosting?

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    So you need 3GB of space..but only 2GB of bandwidth? May I ask what you are hosting?
    Only Packup's

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    You may want to try the offer forums here or places like . - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    You shouldn't have too much trouble finding this as it seems like reasonable requirements. Again, check the offers section. Good luck!

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    Acunett offers backup solutions that fall into your requirements and price range.

    I have never used their backup service but have used various other services they provide. They are a great company, have great support, and are very dedicated to their business.
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    I'm using Acunett Backup, 10 GB for only 5$/month ... just great.
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    Lots of storage, little bandwidth.... well, not the usual combo but I guess you can find that. 5 $$/month sounds a bit low, though.
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