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    Dual opteron on dedicated 100mbit *388$/month*

    Hey, i bought this server couple of months ago, for my gaming site...I got a really good offer back then due to some connections i have at a colocation company..
    But the catch was, that i agreed that i'll buy this colocation for 2 years..the quit fee for me is 1000$, so i'm offering this server to someone in wht
    I never expected my site to go down like it did.. So now i'm offering the dedicated server on specs below for 388$ MONTHLY, you'll be the sole owner of this server...
    Specifications of the server:

    Dual Opteron 250
    4GB (4x1024) pc3200 DDR SDRAM
    Three 72.8GB Ultra 320 SCSI 10k RPM
    OS: FreeBSD

    Database center:

    Located in slovenia
    Name: Triera Internet
    Location: Triera Internet, Cankarjeva 6, 2000 Maribor
    Website: (slovene only, sorry)
    Connection: Dedicated 100mbit port(yes, unmetered bw)

    Payment is done through western union...If you need information more information send me a pm on the board..

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    Can I get a test ip?

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    Yeah ofcourse, also i forgot to mention, i also have one cpanel licence, i do not need .. So you get cpanel free
    Almost forgot test ip

    Oh yea, the number of ips you can get is 15.. i only use one.. but if you'll need more you can request any time
    Uptime is 99.9%

    Huh, almost forgot.. server can be used for anything except anything that is illegal, so;
    -Adult hosting allowed
    -Irc hosting allowed
    -Reselling allowed
    -Game servers allowed
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    To tell you guys the truth, This could possibly be a scam.. Solvenia Server? Western Union.. If you can provide more than "a contract" and more than Western Union Payment this might be legit. This place could rip you guys off, No offense.. I've had this almost happend to me.
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    Solvenia? What's with your geography?
    Blah, not worth arguing about, if you're interested contact me, otherwise no stupid comments..

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    The problem with Western Union is that if something happens, there is no way to get it back. If you're serious, you should use paypal or something, good luck with the sale but if you find anyone here agree to pay you using Western, I'd be shock.

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    I second this. The offer is to good to be true

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