Looking to take on some freelance development projects right now. I have been doing web based application development for somewhere around 5 years now using PHP exclusively. I have experience working with almost all of the technologies related to dynamic site development, and focus primarily on using PHP and MySQL for the core of all of my projects.

Main focuses...
  • PHP - All development is done using PHP.
  • SQL - MySQL is the RDBMS that drives my applications.
  • AJAX - This technique of providing silent updates creates a greater user experience on all of my projects.
  • XHTML/CSS - Sticking to standards is important for the future use of my applications.
  • XML - Using XML for SOAP requests and data retrieval
  • JavaScript - JavaScript adds a lot of functionality, and improves the end-user experience.
  • DOM Structure - Either in PHP or in JavaScript I use the DOM objects as much as possible for formatting XML/XHTML/HTML on the fly, or before rendering.
  • OOP Design - All of my applications focus on using objects as much as possible for flexibility and control of the framework.

My applications all employ their own unique framework based on object oriented designs and techniques with ease of use and expansion in mind. This often means a modular design that allow for future growth and for my client to easily request future additions when necessary from either myself or another developer. Any and all applications are created with an abstraction so that my code and the sites core functionality is hidden from the design team so they do not have to wade through tons of confusing code when creating the layout or altering templates for the site.

My main focus is to take away the need for my client to worry about their site, and let them worry about what is really important to them, their business.

I have started to use AJAX as much as possible now with my projects. AJAX provides so much more control over the end-users experience on the site, and adds greater functionality at minimal cost to the performance. Everything I do I try to focus on an OOP design frame, and implement as much OO functionality as possible. The majority of the work I have done has been on CMSs, Ticketing Systems, XML Parsing, Template Engines and back-end related applications designed to help the administration of a site.

There isn't a whole lot I can't do, so feel free to contact me and ask about what I can do for you. I am very easy to communicate with, so please give as much detailed information as possible, and if communication via telephone is better for you, I understand that and offer my clients my cellular number to contact me with any details pertaining to the project they need to convey to me.

My rates vary from project to project, and my minimal rate is $500.00 USD with a 15% security deposit and 10% deposit on anything over $1000.00 USD. My preferred method of payment is via PayPal (http://www.paypal.com) if you have any questions or comments please contact me via the information below. Note: I DO NOT do template or layout design. I can however take a PSD or JPG of something you might have (highest quality) and implement the template into the site, but I do not create the templates myself. Please be aware of this before contacting me, thanks!

Thanks for your time,

Cory C.
ICQ: 1716464
Yahoo: mr_novicane
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]