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    http server

    Hey folks,

    Need some help. Our Apache 1.3 web server on our dedicated server hasn't been working correctly for the past three days. It's configured to accept a maximum amount of connections of 400 connections, however, when it reachs between 30-50 connections it stops accepting anymore it seems. The server has been restarted several times without fixing the problem. I am also getting an [httpd] defunct error in my process list, and when I deleted the access_log file and restarted this didn't fix the problem as my google search had suggested.

    Here are the server specs:

    Genuine IBM eSeries Rack Server
    Dual AMD Opteron 242 CPU
    1GB ECC DDR Memory
    80GB 7,200 ATA Disk

    I'm at a total loss here. I don't know what to do, our site requires quick load times and several connections simultaneously at all times. Please help.

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    Can you paste some of the configuration paramaters you have inside of your httpd.conf for limiting connections?

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    Actually, I figured it out just now. I was looking at /usr/local/apache/logs/access_log, but each of my domains had separate logfiles of their own under the domlogs directory, and one domain had reached the 2 gig limit. I setup a steady log rotation script for all domains and subdomains and now the web server is back to full speed. Thanks for your help.

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