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    [Sale] Web Proxy Script + Template

    Well I have been working on this for a bit, and I think I have gotten it to the point where I am wanting to sell it. - Ignore the google ads, I am hosted for free, so they are put in there by the host.

    How much am I looking for?
    $30 - USD - Paypal

    What You Get
    Script, consisting of only two files.
    Index Page, valid xhtml 1.0 transitional, and a new text logo.
    .PSD File for the site, so you can modify it if you wish.
    .CSS Files

    - All in one tiny .zip file

    Will sell only once.

    Any questions, please post here, send them via pm, or email me [email protected]

    I am needing this money to get a paid hosting account, so I am looking to sell it fast.

    Thanks for your time,
    Brett Quast
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    what kind of resource usage does this script have?

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    Hi, which proxy script is this for?

    - V

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    not sure what resources, haven't tested it much other than to see if it works, and hostingvoice, what do you mean by that?

    this is a script that I developed with some help of a friend.

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    site doesnt work anymore, please tell me when its back up

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    SOLD. PM sent.
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    yes sold to VG_KING, if any problems arise I will let others know.

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