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    Unhappy Looking for reliable DirectAdmin resellers

    My journey is being longer that I thought it would be. I'm looking for indications, (sugestions, reviews, anything) about resellers that offer DirectAdmin. I need something around 1GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth, for $15 (maybe a little more).

    I found this ones, but couldn't find much information or reviews about them:

    Can someone help me, please? Where should I go?

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    From those you have mentioned above I would give a chance. But that's just me and the choice is all yours.
    Life is too short for 56k!

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    Greetings Anny,

    You should choose a host based on what they have to offer your company, not all web hosts are alike and you may find one that'll fit your needs.

    BTW: a little correction to the link posted, it's .net not .com.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, Elijah... thanks for correcting.

    I'll try search a little more for some days, and then make my decision. I would love sign up with Idologic, they have good reviews here, but I can't afford $30 a month... I think I'll stay with DHWW or ServerTweak...

    Thanks everybody.

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    Maybe you should also look into , or
    Life is too short for 56k!

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    Hi, Fulk...

    Thanks for your sugestions.

    - PowerVPS's reseller plan costs $19.99, I'm trying to find something more cheap.
    - Dixiesys's reseller redirects to, that I've mentioned above. If someone has good or bad experiences with them, please share.
    - And seems to be good, but doesn't offer DirectAdmin.

    For now, I'm still in doubt... DHWW or ServerTweak? Or maybe ServerFreak? I think I'll stay with ServerTweak, because their site has more informations, news are updated more often, and has a telephone number for contact.

    Still looking for reviews!

    Thanks everybody.

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    I'm happy with Idologic

    Dixiesys is run by gary Harris. Great guy! My first webhost was with them, but I then outgrew it.

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    I would be happy to sign up with Idologic too, but I need more then their "basic" plan (that costs $15), and can't afford their "standard" plan, that has the space and bandwidth that I need.

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