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    Firefox Synchronize Bookmarks Extension

    I came across this tweek to a popular extension and thought I'd share.

    After seeing this
    article on digg I installed Firefox Synchronize bookmarks extenstion.

    I'm able to sync between home and office with no problems.

    It does this by uploading the xbel.xml (bookmark file that FF uses) to a ftp server, or webdav, or http.

    I came across this site that details (including code in tarball) on how to give xbel.xml a pretty interface.

    The result is: (screenshot)

    You can access your bookmarks anywhere on the web, if you update your bookmarks at work or home and go to another computer then without even using FF you can have access to your bookmarks.

    I know its not new, I just thought it was neat. - "In Valid Code We Trust"

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    thanks for the tip, i think its quite interesting and btw..i'm using that same web developer tool bar xD

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