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    Lightbulb / IMG.SC ( US$ 99,- )


    ***** / IMG.SC
    ( Image Source > img src > )

    A fabulous, short, easy to remember, high quality, premium domain name..

    The perfect domain for an image hosting site / service, or for web designers and coders, alike..
    Or sites related to imaging and / or photography, as well..
    ( And everyone else interested in quality domain names, of course.. )


    Buy '' now, for only US$ 99,-..

    ( Payable via PayPal.. )

    * If you are interested, please contact me at 'domreg(at)', or 'formlos(at)', or via PM.. Thank you..
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    how much is the yearly recurring fee?

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    I just sent you a PM, nphase..

    For the others.: The yearly renewal rate for the '' domain, or '.sc' domains in general, would be US$ 39.95,-..

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    interested do you have an aol/aim name to be reached at to chat live? or some other messenger? pm me it if you wana keep it private.
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