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    Mac OSX live chat client


    Can anyone recommend a live chat system that includes both OSX and Windows based clients? I am currently running boldcenter live chat but this is only Windows based I believe.



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    Semi-related but probably not the stand-alone system on your site that you are looking for but these do work on OS X:

    AOL Instant Messenger (runs on iChat on OS X)
    ICQ (ICQ app or runs on Fire)
    Yahoo (runs on Fire)
    Jabber (runs on Fire)
    MSN (runs on Fire)

    ...and any other protocol supported by Fire. Fire rocks!

    If you can hook up with a Java chat client, Java chat runs beautifully on OS X as well. For instance, Real Chat, or Parachat

    As for "Live Support" type scripts, that's where my knowledge fades. I wasn't able to find one that worked smoothly and consistently on OS X (or didn't have its features major-cramped for anything non-Windoze) so I gave up looking. I stick to AIM because I know every OS X computer has iChat pre-installed.

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    Are you looking for a client that runs as an application itself, or off of a webpage to monitor live chat requests?
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    I'm looking for a client that runs as an application (so that I can have it always running) so I can set it to auto start when I switch on the computer each morning. If I have to log into a web based system every morning I will forget sometimes which would be a problem.


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