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    Ideas for website design (re-arranging elements on a page)

    I'm in a bind. As we speak, I am trying to do a small (or large, if needed) redesign of my website. I am busy working on a book (almost finished. Yay.) so I don't have the world of time. I have programmers who can redesign my site but I need to come up with a layout for them to work with.

    My website is located @ As you can see with the current layout, there isn't much space on the index.php page for the modifications that I plan to have made. I need to make space for the following:

    1.) A member-of-the-month section needs to be added. It would have a small image of the member (probably 100*100px in size, or similar) plus several items about the user ie "FirstName, LastName, Location, XX # of Poems." A link to their profile would follow.

    2.) A small news section that would have news articles that I can add. The scripts will only show several lines of text and a link to the full story.

    3.) Section for navigation links ie "Home," "FAQ," etc.

    The page needs its current features: Login form, search box, site stats, most-read poems, copyright bar, a section for an AdSense ad, a section for a tower ad.

    I've figured out that the best place for the nav links is in the header image, running through the bottom right (below the pen). As for the rest of the pages, I'm clueless. I'm not a professional designer and I'm not too terribly good at design. I'm hoping that someone can give me several pointers and/or if they could provide me with a rough sketch of where all of the necessary elements should go on the page. I'm not asking for someone to make the design for me. I need help figuring out where everything should go. I want to keep the header and the bar on the left side of the screen as-is but the rest of the page can be coded as much as needed.

    If anyone can help me with this, I can link to your website (on ), a permanent link. I need to redesign the user's pages, as well, but right now, I'm only concerned with this page. I'll do the rest later. Any help would be appreciated with this. Thanks to everyone in advance.

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    I feel that pictures are better than words. Thus you can checkout my layout idea at:

    If you decide to use it, then my domain is
    IM: tweak1870

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    Since you're offering compensation of some kind for the work that gets done, this should be in the advertising forums

    I see the self-promotion has begun, as expected. Yes, this is the right place for this thread.
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