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    Forum Re-direct problem

    Ok, So I have a forum set up on my

    I have ModernBill set up on subdomain

    I have it where the index.html on is set as nothing and it re-directs it to /forum .

    This is where the problem comes in. Because there is a redirect on -> , the subdomain ( ALSO redirects to .

    Wondering how I would be able to make it where the forum is actually seen on instead of a redirect? Would I have to backup the files, and re-install the entire forum? Or is there a quick and painless way of moving my entire forum to be seen basically as ? This way, I can remove my redirect.

    Thanks to all who help!

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    you could delete the billing subdomain and set it up again differently

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    No way!

    Billing configuration/installation was a big enough hassle to deal with. I prefer some other solution perhaps?

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    If your using apache it might help to show us what their virtual host entry looks like. - "In Valid Code We Trust"

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