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    Opt In Mailing Dedicated Server

    Are there any DCs in WHT that allows this? Perferably in the NE Region USA
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    I would think your going to have a tough time with a request like this even opt in mailing seems to draw a fair amount of spam complaints these days. Maybe someone like Rackspace is more interested since they charge a heck of alot for their servers.
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    If you don't receive any complaints, it shouldn't be a problem hosting in most DCs...
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    If the people on the list opted-in to get email from you there should not be a problem. If it is a bought list where people agree to get "related" offers there are going to be a lot of complaints. If a customer says they dont have time to provide the opt-in information for every complaint that comes in, they probably will have a hard time finding a provider. If you arent willing to deal with that many complaints any provider concerned about clean IPs wont want to deal with it either.
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    Pretty much anyone would let you run a legit mailing list, but your need to ask suggests your mailing list is not legit, or at least you are probably looking for someone who is going to put up with spam complaints.

    For example, I think nothing of users sending large ammounts of email on our network, but when someone asks me in advance, I let them know, you generate spam complaints, you'll be looking for another provider, and almost every time, thats how it ends up.

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