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    Google site map and HostGator

    Has anyone had issues with getting their Google Site Map to work HostGator, with any of your sites ?

    I used xsitepro to create the site map, and to upload the file itself onto Google.

    ( note: this is working on both ****** and godaddy hosting with my other two websites)

    I launched a chat sessoin with a hostgator support rep (there was no delay and she knew her stuff), to help with creating a new .htaccess.

    ( after I had already done a google newsgroup search for info - the newgroup posting said to add to the end of this file:

    <Files sitemap.xml>
    ForceType text/xml

    So I created the new .htaccess file (which wasn't created yet) and uploaded it to the public_html directory (same directory as the GoogleSitemap.xml of course), but it still shows on Google's web site in the Google Sitemap administrator "control panel", as "Not Found" under the "Sitemap Status" column.

    It's really hair-pullingly irritating, especially because I plan on using HostGator for at least two other sites, especially for a blog ( they have fantastico).

    Any advice?
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    I don't think it's HostGator. It might be google because not everything is in realtime. I received a similar problem when trying to use google analytics. Give it a day.

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