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    Need to Find Good Colo/Managed Space

    Here is the situation ...

    We have a server with CIHost and our contract is about to end - the end of a 2yr contract (yes, it was a long two years; this is our server - not leased/rented; we used their data center in Chicago). We also placed a Dell server in another data center located in Indianapolis, IN. We intended to migrate our sites from Chicago to Indy when we noticed a bandwidth issue - long story short, the data center in Indy capped out burstable throughput at roughly 700k (not good). After a quick test, we discovered our server in Chicago is about 10mb burstable (good).

    CIHost has issues and the center is Indy has very low burstable limitation. We would consider leaving our equipment and going with a full managed provider if the reliability/price is right. Our main goal is to provide a reliable service to our clients at a reasonable price. We checked with - they seem very reliable but very pricey as well ... before we settle on a new provider, does anyone have any suggestions, etc. (must be Windows OS (many of our clients lean on IIS, .NET, DSNs, etc.)?

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    Check out, they do managed colocation and you can't go wrong with them - located in Dallas, Texas.

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    Thanks Crucialx ... have/do you use them?

    Their web site seems to have issues. The first thing I look for when reviewing a data center is where do I go for tech support if needed I see a sales number and a handful of broken links, but no support number nor a ticket system, etc. Experience speaks louder, so if you and anybody has experience using them, I look forward to hearing it.

    Thanks again!

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