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    Good news: International merchant account - Apply now


    I've good news for those who are searching for an international merchant account. We just got a deal with a bank in Saudi Arabia to resell their gateway for the international users around the world.

    The only US site who is using their gateway so far is: , you can take a look at it to see how it works. Try to made a purchase for a small amount like the program with only $10, or just stop at where you write your card info

    There are also other 8 Arabic sites are using the same gateway

    The fees is as follows (and they might be a bit high but I'm sure the bank will cooperate with us and reduce very soon) :

    - Setup fees: $199 (can be paid by a credit card or a wire transfer)
    - Monthly fees: $90
    - 5% per transaction
    - $30 wire transfer

    More features:

    - Weekly payment to your bank account
    - Simple integeration with your shopping cart
    - Process US currency
    - You'll get an admin panel to look at all authorized transaction details, and you have two options: Capture or Leave it as it is and it will be automaticly refunded to the customer card in 30 days. You capture once you provide the good or the service. Keep a proof or delivery with you all the time in case of chargeback
    - $27 for each chargeback

    The site of the service is , but it's in arabic now as we just got the approval from the bank to deal with interntional clients and we will work on making a better looking site and in english language.

    If you're intrested in getting this merchant account , please send an email to: [email protected] and request for the application form. You can also contact us at:

    Comany Name: Bluemeel Est
    Address: Dosaary Towers
    P.O Box 13076
    Dammam 31493
    1st floor
    Country: Saudi Arabia
    T: 0096638995363
    F: 0096638897970
    Work time: 6:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m & 1:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m GMT All days except Friday

    If you're planing to make a phone call to ask about something, anything about the merchant accounts, please ask for Mohammad and the guys in the control will transfer your call to me in order to help you

    Best Regards,
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    This topic is curious. I visited the first link and is on sale or parked only. The other link is an arabic website. Too funny most of the ones who post around here are US citizens, will they sign up on an arabic site for merchant account?

    Yeah right!
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