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    Hosting Suggestions

    Hi All

    OK any spammers go away now, I'm looking for people who can recommend good hosting, but preferably those using it for similar applications as me... links to hosted sites would be good

    Here's what I want to host

    Forum ....SMF based

    Users online at anyone time around 45 peaking at around 70
    page views per day 20,000
    posts per day 600 - 1000

    normal monthly bandwidth used 40gb
    disk space I'd like 10gb

    price I'd like to pay around $50 - $60 per month

    I'm on a VPS with Servint (essential) at the moment but it seems to be suffering more and more with speed issues and load average problems....

    any thoughts / suggestions



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    From where I stand it looks like your forum has grown, and now it's time for your budget to grow as well and accomodate its new size.

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    fairly static

    No its been pretty much same level of useage for the last 12 month, I've been with Servint for around 3 month and its only recently I've started seeing problems, there Tech guys tell me they can't see a problem, so I'm looking around to see what else is out there...

    Be good if somebody offered a package with more RAM instead of diskspace and bandwidth, must be loads of people who don't need all the extra diskspace and bandwidth but need more RAM

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