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    Domain has Expired but I Still Cannot Buy

    There is a domain name I have been watching for sometime now and is over two weeks past its expiration date. When I go to the address it says something like 'If you own this domain please contact us immediately!' Is there a certain buffer period before a domain is able to be snapped up? I have been doing WHOIS searches every day and thus far it does not seem that it has been renewed.


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    Expired domains go into a 30 days Grace Redemption period and then a 5 days Deletion period before it's available.
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    Thanks a lot.


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    keep in mind some registrars have their own grace period prior to going into redemption. So, it could be up to 65 days on average from expiration date until it's drops from the registry for public purchase.

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    It could be even longer than 65 days. It all depends on the registrar. OpenSRS/Tucows used to (and may still, I'm not sure) have an 80 day period before an expired domain could be registered.
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    tucows has a 42 day grace period (which is close to the maximum 45 days allowed)
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    Don't forget, even when it is available, one must fight the drop sharks to get it.




    Those may help. gl.

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    Better off paying the renewal these days. I decided at the last minute I wanted to keep a name I let drop. After the pending delete phase the registrar renewed and kept the name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexTalionis
    Don't forget, even when it is available, one must fight the drop sharks to get it.




    Those may help. gl.
    How does Club Drop compare to Snapnames - are they an Enom reseller?
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    Note that sometimes you can also transfer an expired domain (which will renew it) as long as you are keeping it within the registrar.

    For example OpenSRS will let you transfer another OpenSRS domain even if it's expired. Not sure about other registrars but I've done this a couple of times to get an expired domain.

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    Im waiting for a domain too. Its hosted by godaddy. It actually expired in october this year. but godaddy seem to be holding it until october next year according to the whois.
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    registry adds 1 year wiating for he registrar to renew after the grace period is dne, it will be deleted and the domain expire date will go back.

    just keep watching it
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