Hello WHTers!

Okay well recently I have not been posting much on WHT as I have been busy with many new projects. I have recently started a project and I need some money to invest and get it working to its full potential. I will not post the details of this project on WHT, due to many reasons the main one is that until the project is finished it should be kept under the blankets.

The project does unfortunatly need a lot of money and so far I have raised just under 50% of the money I need. I do however need more money before the project can start.

For investors[*] Any money that is invested will be paid back within 8 months[*] Return rates vary depending on the amount invested but the min amount of return will be 110%[*] A contract will be signed, and in the contract it will state that the amount stated MUST be returned before 8 months. This offers you security

For extra security I can give you references of my clients, and other people who have delt with me in the past. You can also search for my username, seeksupport or seeksadmin on the forums to show my good reputation.

Please email me at tris[@]totalrack.com or PM me.
My MSN is tris[@]hostnook.com

Kind Regards
Tris Pulford